Ways to Make Your Home a Bit More Feng Shui Without Hiring an Expert

Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Viva Glam Magazine. It’s titled Feng Shui Tips for Creating Zen in Your Home. There are a ton of insights here. This one’s particularly interesting: If serenity is what you’re going for, curtains are a great way to create a quiet space. Blinds and drapes can give your […]

Most Common Architectural Designs and The Context Behind Them

Thought we’d share this fascinating article from HGTV. It’s titled The 26 Most Popular Architectural Home Styles. The article shares some insights into the most common designs you’ll see on our streets and neighbourhoods today. This one’s about art-deco is particularly interesting: Art deco comes from a variety of influences: ancient Egypt, 1930s Hollywood and […]

An Aussie Family and Their DIY Caravan

Came across this interesting this article from The Daily Mail. It’s such an heartwarming and inspiring piece and thought you deserved some of it.   In it, Cindy Tran shares a beautiful story about a family and their caravan. Here’s a short snippet: She’s practical, super cute and all you need to have a relaxing […]

Exterior Trends That Are On Their Way Out

This piece from Family Handyman has some great stuff. It’s got a ton of insights on exterior decorating. Specifically, they share some trends that we should stop following as they’re already on their way out. This one’s particularly interesting: If you have a solid color siding on the exterior of your home, then a patchy asphalt roof […]

How to Spice Up Your Home Workouts

Thought we’d share this fascinating piece from Lifehacker. It’s called What to Do When You’re Bored of Your Home Workout. In it, Beth Skwarecki gives some great advice on how to spruce up your home workout. Here’s one that’s particularly interesting: If you’re stuck at home, chances are at least you’re saving a few bucks […]