How to Create a Jaw to the Floor Laundry

Do you feel like you spend half of your life tending to laundry? Parents, we’re looking at you. There’s the bottomless laundry hamper. Plain clothes, work clothes, around the house clothes, sports uniforms, school uniforms, pyjamas, swimming gear, bed sheets, towels, and kitchen cloths. The list goes on, and it can be overwhelming! But alas, read on to find out how your laundry can be a room that you enjoy spending time in.

1. Space

Ah, the luxury of space. Space for folding clothes, sorting loads, soaking stained items, and ironing. If you’re designing your home for a new build, don’t skimp on your laundry space. The basis of a jaw to the floor laundry is having the right amount of space to do all laundry activities comfortably and to be able to keep the room tidy.

We know not everyone is designing from scratch. If you can change your laundry space, start by clearing out all unnecessary clutter to help you create space. Look for practical ways to use the area you have – and be strict! Don’t allow anything to have a permanent residency in the laundry if it doesn’t contribute to getting the job done; laundry real estate is priceless!

2. Functionality

An essential feature of a stunning laundry is functionality. Without superior functionality, you cannot achieve luxe-laundry status because a space that isn’t functional becomes a mess.

Add in benches, cupboards and shelves wherever you can. The more storage, the better. You’ll be able to hide away unsightly laundry products and laundry hampers.

If you are using a front loader washing machine, consider adding a bench right above it, this works perfectly for folding and sorting. When it comes to your dryer, a great way to store the dryer is to wall mount it and encase it in cabinetry with shelves or cupboards coming off to the side.

If you can, it’s ideal to have two large draws or laundry hampers to keep the items to be washed off the floor and hidden away.

3. Essentials – fixtures, fittings, and appliances.

Quality, styled fixtures, fittings and appliances go a long way in adding the luxe-factor to any room, and the laundry is no exception. For a jaw to the floor result, design your laundry in the same way you would your master ensuite. Consider stone benchtops, quality tiles, beautiful cabinetry, high quality and easy on the eye appliances. Look for design inspiration and colour palates. If you want this room to follow a different design to the rest of your house, then go for it, and have fun in the process.

4. Opulence

Once we’ve got the space, functionality and essentials planned out, it’s time to get to the luxury! To achieve the desired level of luxury, you’ll want lots of light (natural if possible), as well as ventilation to stop the room from becoming steamy, damp or mouldy. Most parents will spend more time in their laundry than they will in their bathroom. Let that sink in when thinking about priorities!

This is where we say choose a stunning design feature. Some ideas include a designer wallpaper, an oversized stand out laundry tub, brushed metal tapware, a mosaic tile, a skylight, a chandelier, an oversized ottoman, artwork, a speaker system or TV for entertainment while doing the laundry. Just because it’s a laundry, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, fun and functional!

Taking on a laundry renovation, new build or upcycle is a challenging and satisfying task. Like a new kitchen, if you get the layout right so that it’s convenient and functional, then you’ve done 90% of the job. Also like a kitchen, you’ll never regret investing time and money into your laundry.