Ways to Make Your Home a Bit More Feng Shui Without Hiring an Expert

Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Viva Glam Magazine. It’s titled Feng Shui Tips for Creating Zen in Your Home.

There are a ton of insights here. This one’s particularly interesting:

If serenity is what you’re going for, curtains are a great way to create a quiet space. Blinds and drapes can give your space an antiseptic feel, while curtains are softer and have movement. Depending on the amount of light you want to let in, you can opt for thick curtains or flowy, light fabrics. Adding soft textures to your space translates into less rigidity and tension.

Megan Taylor

Want a to take a deeper dive into the article? Then click on this link to the Viva Glam Magazine to learn more!

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