Most Common Architectural Designs and The Context Behind Them

Thought we’d share this fascinating article from HGTV. It’s titled The 26 Most Popular Architectural Home Styles. The article shares some insights into the most common designs you’ll see on our streets and neighbourhoods today. This one’s about art-deco is particularly interesting: Art deco comes from a variety of influences: ancient Egypt, 1930s Hollywood and […]

Exterior Trends That Are On Their Way Out

This piece from Family Handyman has some great stuff. It’s got a ton of insights on exterior decorating. Specifically, they share some trends that we should stop following as they’re already on their way out. This one’s particularly interesting: If you have a solid color siding on the exterior of your home, then a patchy asphalt roof […]

Small Space, Don’t Care: How to Design for Small Areas

Came across this interesting this article from The Spruce and immediately thought it was worth sharing. It’s called How to Decorate a Small Living Space.  In it, Deirdre Sullivan shares some valuable insights. Here’s a short snippet: Nothing prettifies a living room like decorating with plants. Blooming perennials like daffodils or tulips add lovely color, while […]

Five expert tips for your bathroom renovation

Every great project starts with a well thought out plan. You might go through the best part of ten variations to get it right, but you’ll find later in the project it was time well spent.

Secrets of Budget Kitchen Renovations

Design your kitchen with standard sizing in mind, and you’ll avoid a lot of extra costs.

Use your stone for your splashback. It’ll give your kitchen an effortlessly sleek aesthetic.