Secrets of Budget Kitchen Renovations

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And, if you’re a parent, chances are you spend more time in the kitchen than any other part of the house. So if you can make your kitchen a nicer place to be, then why not? 

We’ve put together a few industry secrets on how you can achieve an upgraded kitchen on a budget.

Paint the cabinetry and install new handles.

Did you know that you can paint your kitchen cabinetry? Sure, this takes time and precision, but it can save you thousands of dollars! If your kitchen needs a refresh, but there’s nothing wrong with the cabinetry this is the perfect option for you. You’ll need primer and undercoat to ensure a sleek finish that doesn’t scratch off. We highly suggest speaking to a paint specialist at your local shop and tackle this project with their advice. To finish off your new look, add new cabinetry handles, this is a cheap and easy way to modernise your kitchen.

Use stone as your splashback.

Are you redoing your benchtops with stone? If so, use stone for your splashback. It’ll give your kitchen an effortlessly sleek aesthetic that ties in perfectly with your kitchen. In terms of budget, this is a surprisingly cost-efficient option. Most splashbacks are small, so you’re not paying for a large piece of stone – making the material affordable. Installation costs will barely add anything onto your bill as the tradesman will already be on site. You won’t need to book and pay for a tiler.

Use standard-sized cabinetry.

Everything is cheaper in standard sizing. Design your kitchen with standard sizing in mind, and you’ll avoid a lot of extra costs. By using standard sizing, you’ll find that you have a much greater range of suppliers that will be able to supply your kitchen cabinetry. Large suppliers like Kitchen Connection, Freedom Kitchens, Ikea and even Bunnings have budget cabinetry options that use standard sizes.

Go direct

Taking on a kitchen renovation is a big job, but if you can handle the heat, taking on the job yourself can save you big bucks throughout the project. This means working with a cabinet maker or shopping for your cabinetry in one of the big stores mentioned above. Going directly to the stone supplier, source your appliances and hardware like taps and sinks.

Shop the sale

All suppliers have sales throughout the year, and if you’re planning in advance, you’re in a great position to ask to be notified (or discreetly keep your eye out) as to when the supplies you need are on sale. It’s not uncommon to see kitchen retailers take 50% off kitchen cabinetry boxes, or kitchen supply retailers shops have an end of season sale. If you have a small kitchen, you might also find a local stone supplier sells slab offcuts at a heavily reduced rate.