How to Spice Up Your Home Workouts

Thought we’d share this fascinating piece from Lifehacker. It’s called What to Do When You’re Bored of Your Home Workout.

In it, Beth Skwarecki gives some great advice on how to spruce up your home workout. Here’s one that’s particularly interesting:

If you’re stuck at home, chances are at least you’re saving a few bucks on gym membership. Workout equipment has finally started to become more available, although it still takes a bit of time and dedication to snag what you want. So, start looking.

Beth Skwarecki

There’s plenty more things you can do to make working out at home as enjoyable as the outdoors. So, if you’ve been lacking the motivation lately, the rest of this article has some great insights for you. To read it in full, just click on this link to Lifehacker.

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