Zone Wars Solved. How Your Kids Can Have Their Own Space in a Shared Bedroom.

Do you plan to have your kids share a bedroom? Or are they already sharing and driving each other crazy? Shared bedrooms are a fantastic idea for families who are tight on space, and for younger siblings who feel safer at night when sharing a room. But that’s not to say room sharing doesn’t come without its challenges! We’ve got some great ideas on how to end zone wars in your kids’ bedroom while helping each child have space to express their interests and personality. 

Bunk Beds!

We highly recommend bunk beds, or beds that are built-in side by side. Both of these options give kids their own space and privacy. This also helps with less sleep disturbance if one child likes to use a reading light after “lights out”, as well as the “she’s looking at me” complaint. The kids feel comfort in knowing they are not alone while relaxing in their own space. 

Drapes and curtains

Are your kids’ beds side by side? Consider using drapes, curtains or even a room divider to help define space in the room for each child. By using something to divide the room, you’re allowing each child to have ownership over their area when it comes to decor, toys, books and most importantly – tidying up!

Two themes, one room

Get your children involved when it comes to styling and theming the room, let them have ownership over their space. This approach will help your children love their space so that they want to be in there. You’ll need to decide if you wish to style the room with one theme throughout or if you’re happy to let your children show their personalities in their section. They could choose things like the wall colour inside their area of the bunk, their bedding and decorative items. To ensure that the room still looks cohesive and stylish, you can tie the design together with shared items like floor rugs, furniture, and the overall wall colour. 

One cohesive theme

If having two themes in the one room is going to give you a headache, trying creating one overall theme that suits the space and your home and utilise spaces or areas to show each child what is theirs. If the kids have special unique items like dolls, stuffed animals, teddies, books, and blankets, they will feel like they’re in their own space, but it won’t disturb your beautifully designed room.